Our Mission

Giovani Senza Frontiere - Giosef Italy is an organization founded over twenty years ago, which periodically opens within it a reflection on its value identity, with the aim of evolving and growing together with the social and cultural changes of the contexts in which it operates but maintaining a system of values that characterizes and continues to characterize all the activities of the Network.
Giosef works for the promotion of an inclusive European citizenship, based on the common founding values of the European Union, in particular solidarity and volunteering.


GIOSEF support the process of competences’ development of its affiliated organisations and members. Our goal is to give the tools to spark social change by developing personal and professional competences of our beneficiaries.

Youth Mobility

Meaning the basic right of all people, especially young, to travel in order to broaden their perspectives and knowledge of the world and of other cultures. Traveling means developing the awareness that we are all the same even if we are different.


Spreading the respect of Human Rights is mandatory to build a society where each one’s dignity is guaranteed.


No Profit Challenge is a web-platform and app for Android created for the third sector. A digital space, social-friendly, for noprofit organizations and potential volunteers to meet. Based on an automatic matching mechanism, thanks to interests, causes and field of action, NPC certifies the competences developed during social activities.

progetti paguro

PAGURO Ostello : The province of Caserta and Campania face daily the difficulties of living in a territory where the roots of the Camorra problem are settled in the minds of many citizens, that “Camorra culture” made of dysfunctional models, transmitted from generation…

The Academy is where we put 20 years of experiences in high level training Giosef Italy has 20 years of experience in education and international mobility. In our history, we mainly focused on youth from 18 to 35 years old.For our 20th anniversary, we decided to launch a new project


Giosef Italy promotes projects that encourage the initiative and empowerment of the younger generations, implementing activities aimed at stimulating self-confidence, developing personal and professional competencies, creating value through civic engagement, building a sense of responsibility civil towards themselves and towards the community.


The project aims to enhance and realize the start-up of a property confiscated from the mafia assigned to the Giosef-Italy Association with a twenty-year concession from the Agrorinasce Consortium made up of the Municipalities of Casal di Principe, Casapesenna, San Cipriano di Aversa, Santa Maria la Fossa and Villa Literno, all form the province of Caserta.

No Profit Challenge is an ambitious project, financed together with other 30 projects selected among more than 1000 submitted to “Con il sud che partecipa” initiative organized by Fondazione CON IL SUD (Foundation for Southern Italy) in 2017.


The project R.E.T.E. 2: Reinforce, Education, Training and Empowermen born from the experience of the RETE project and aims to improve the quality of the training activities promoted within the organization Giosef Italy and aims to strengthen the skills and abilities of its staff, aiming at a greater internationalization of the organization.

The project “Confiscated Assets, Common Goods” involve 6 volunteers from Portugal and Spain in activities of promotion and social inclusion of young people of the Agro-Aversa area within assets confiscated from organized crime, for 8 months.

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