Alessandro Nicotera: our candidate to the Advisory Council on Youth 2018-2019

Immagine Alessandro Nicotera: our candidate to the Advisory Council on Youth 2018-2019
APICE  is very pleased to announce the nomination of our Secretary General, Alessandro Nicotera , as a candidate to the Advisory Council on Youth 2018 - 2019.
Alessandro is 29 years old, he is a project manager and youth trainer, expert in non formal education and management of european youth project, mostly under Erasmus+, with wide experience in youth exchanges, training courses and structured dialogue. He is expert about rural development through Youthwork and is actually leading the European Coalition for NEET’s rights.  He took part to numerous national and international activities as Human Rights activist and he is actually recognised by Council of Europe as registered European Online Activist of No Hate Speech Movement.

When selected, Alessandro will focus on these 3 key areas:
1)combating hate speech and preventing radicalisation of youth leading to violent extremism
2)youth participation

3)access to rights of young people with fewer opportunities, from disadvantaged areas 
He is experienced about these youth sector priorities:
1)Young people accessing their rights and advocating for human rights and citizenship education.
Implementation and dissemination of the Committee of Ministers Recommendation CM/Rec(2016)7 on young people’s access to rights, Human Rights Education Youth Programme including media literacy with children and young people's, Implementation of the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education.
2)Youth participation and Youtwork
Removing barriers for youth civil society to organise itself and participate (including legal barriers), Supporting youth participation in Internet Governance processes, Human Rights Education Youth Programme including media literacy with children and young people, Supporting member States and youth organisations in implementing the principles of the Revised European Charter on the Participation of Young People in Local and Regional life and dissemination of the ”Have your say” manual to public authorities and nongovernmental sector, Supporting the dissemination and implementation of the future Committee of Ministers’ Recommendation on youth work, Supporting the dissemination of the Council of Europe Youth Work Portfolio, Supporting the quality development and the recognition of youth work and non formal education and learning in the programme of the European Youth Centres and their dissemination to member states (e.g. through training staff of youth centres having been awarded with the Council of Europe Quality Label for Youth Centres).

3)Inclusive and peacefull society
Combating all forms of discrimination and exclusion, with a specific focus on: , Social inclusion of young refugees and their transition from childhood to adulthood, Enabling young people to promote peaceful societies by providing them with opportunities to play an active role in: Intercultural dialogue/learning, Preventing violent extremism (following up on the NHSM), Cooperation with neighbouring and other world regions
“Becoming a member of the Advisory Council would be for me the natural continuation of my youthwork experience, from the national to the international level: it would represent a meaningful achievement and a new challenge at the same time! I started dealing with young people needs, favouring their access to social rights and their inclusion in the decision making processes, more than 10 years ago. During these long period and in through the different roles I fulfilled (youth leader, facilitator, trainer, youthworker, activist, representative at local and national level), I worked very hardly to assure that in Italy more attention would be paid to youth policies and the connected issues. I firmly believe that a longlasting improvement of the youth condition is thinkable only investing on individual and collective growth of the new generations, applying non formal education for their empowerment leading to youth protagonism and ability to formulate proper recommendations to the decision makers. I would like to offer the proficiency I have acquired during my job as youth worker and international trainer, as delegate in local, regional and national young councils, as european activist of the No Hate Speech Movement Campaign and as member of coordination team of the Italian National Coalition, defending the rights of young NEETs. At the same time, I am sure it will be a great chance for my professional and human growth, getting in touch with lots of people who work every day, like I do, for youth policies. Thanks to this new role, I firmly believe I could influence more deeply the decision making processes in my country, in order to allow young people to choose their own future according to their talents and dreams, fostering more inclusive youth policies in line with CoE values of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. I will dedicate my activities focusing specifically on spreading and supporting the youthwork as a valuable profession and its recognition at European and national level. Another crucial aim for me will be the national setting of the NHSM Campaign in Italy and the international followup in cooperation with other national campaigns after December 2017, strengthening and expanding our network also in north Africa, because of its extremely relevant social impact during these years.” [Alessandro Nicotera]
Alessandro will not stand alone: APICE will support him, contributing to the work of the Council of Europe and its youth sector in the following areas:
1 . Combating hate speech and preventing radicalisation of youth leading to violent extremism.
Thanks to the deep and wide experience we had in the last three years at local, national and international level through no hate speech movement campaign, in terms of activism, advocacy, human rights education, coordination, counternarrative, having the intention of giving an impactful followup to the campaign in Italy and at international level, we can provide a strong background on all these topics, knowledges, skills and best practices%u037E

2 . Youth Participation.
APICE members were involved at any levels of youth participation initiatives, starting from local advocacy actions such as young projects leaded by youth and related also to adults and real participatory processes, mainly in local youth councils and with its coordination at regional level. In Campania regional youth council a structured dialogue process leaded by APICE members expertise advocated the promotion of the last campania regional youth policy law, approved on last august 2016. More than this, our members took part to different cycles of the European Structured dialogue, acting as representor of Italian National Youth Council (FNG) in many European Youth Conferences. Therefore we will contribute to the development of Youth policies at European Level in particular about youth participation bodies and youthwork recognition;.
3 . Access to rights of young people with fewer opportunities,/from disadvantaged areas.
APICE is involved in the European NEET Coalition development leaded by Giovani Senza Frontiere in Italy, one of the six countries involved in the foundation of this working group. We work for the access to social rights of our target group: one board member of APICE is involved in the Council of Europe ENTER! LTTC implementing at local level a long term project about youth empowerment by non formal education. So, we can foster the adoption of ENTER! Recommendations and others Council of Europe guidelines on these topics and provide datas and practices about their implementation at local level to improve the formulation of youth policies in this field.
We firmly believe that Alessandro is our best candidate for this role because he is competent, very active at many levels and he can influence the decision making process in different fields, thanks to his deep involvement in the civil society activities and bodies: Alessandro is actually Secretary General of APICE, comanaging in Italy the National Support Group for No Hate Speech Movement, constantly in contact with the Ministries of Education and Justice, and implementing ENTER!Recommendation in cooperation with our CDEJ member and local authorities; he is also Vice-President of Giovani Senza Frontiere Italy, leading the NEETs Coalition for youth rights and acting as project manager for the implementation of youthwork in youth centers created in properties confiscated from mafia following the criterias for Quality Label of CoE: he is also member of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the National Youth Forum (FNG) working on recognition of Youthwork and Structured Dialogue Processes; finally he is also a Registered European Online Activist of No Hate Speech Movement and strongly supporting the implementation of the Campaign in Italy.

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