Progetto CLOSER

Immagine Progetto CLOSER
The goal of the campaign is to contribute to building more tolerant, solidary and inclusive societies and involve young people in this process.
Young people, youth organizations, NGOs, schools, informal groups, etc. will organize local events during the Week of Social Inclusion to involve people and groups who might be isolated and help them integrate better. The events will be a way to help people get involved in their communities, in a situation that can lead to social exclusion and show the benefits of looking out for one another. 

The overall objective of the project is two-fold:
  • To raise quality of youth work in social inclusion and strengthen capacities of youth workers for active combating social exclusion by respecting values and principles of European youth work for inclusion
  • To contribute to building a more inclusive society and raising awareness of social inclusion in young people and broad public,
Main results of the project are:

  • Diagnosis of training needs of youth workers dealing with young people in danger of social exclusion, vulnerable and marginalized young people (survey and report) implemented;
  • 3 electronic newsletters prepared and distributed to the partners contact database;
  • Website created as a source of references of materials, information, best practices, publications on social inclusion, main communication channel for the campaign Week of Social Inclusion and a tool for promotion of the project;
  • Training curriculum developed by a team of experts from partner organizations;
  • Training course for 20 multiplies in social inclusion implemented;
  • Compendium of best practices in social inclusion created;
  • Campaign toolbox developed;
  • Launch Events and a Week of Social Inclusion campaign organized in each partner country,
  • Enhanced cooperation, exchange of experience and best practices from partner countries;
  • Public awareness of importance of social inclusion, tolerance and solidarity raised.
The project is the combination of the training activities for youth workers and community actions relating to social inclusion in the form of an awareness campaign.

Project web site: