REFLECT – A Strategical Approach Towards the Learning Process

Project number: 2020-RO01-KA205-079615

The Education and Training MONITOR of the EU 2019 signals out the following situation: the most effective practices that schools can promote include ‘promoting group work and critical thinking’, ‘creating a space for dialogue in the classroom on controversial issues to ENCOURAGE SELF-REFLECTION and mutual understanding’. The same study reveals the fact, that at least 34% of the schools in the EU cannot guarantee a learning experience that involves self-reflection and therefore the entire learning process suffers together with the interest of young people. Where formal education is not well equipped, non-formal education can offer solutions, and this is what this project tries to do.

The general aim of the project is to support young people from poor educational backgrounds to develop reflective learning competences.

The 3 project objectives are planned to be achieved in a 2 year duration:

  • Objective 1
    Raising the awareness of 20 youth workers from the consortium and 100 other youth workers across the EU regarding the use of reflective learning in the training process.

  • Objective 2
    Making the reflective learning competence operational through 4 IOs, together with the direct target groups – youth workers (100) and young people from poor educational backgrounds (1000).
  • Objective 3
    Designing and validating training tools (developed through 4 IOs) focusing on reflective learning which have a wide range of applicability.




 Romania and Poland


Young people

Type of Funding:

European Comission’s Erasmus+ Programme through Agenţia Naţională pentru Programe Comunitare în Domeniul Educaţiei şi Formării Profesionale (ANPCDEFP)


Giosef Italy, Center of Strategies for Youth Development, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Associació Cultura Creativa, REGIONALNE CENTRUM WOLONTARIATU