mafia fears education more than justice by Paolo Borsellino

Mafia fears education more than justice

“Talk about the mafia. Talk about it on the radio, on television, in newspapers. But talk about it “.

So Paolo Borsellino urged civil society not to surrender to the fight against the mafia. And also judge Antonino Caponnetto – head of the anti-mafia pool – at every opportunity urged young people to take responsibility, to commit.

Guys, enjoy life, fall in love, be happy but become partisans of this new Resistance, the Resistance of values, the Resistance of ideals. Do not be afraid to think, to denounce and to act as free and aware people. Be careful, be vigilant, be sentinels of yourselves, the future is in your hands, always remember this.

Mafia fears education more than justice. Education cuts the grass under the feet of the mafia culture “.