Giosef Italy is also a social venture.
Training, Hostelling and Social & Digital Innovation are part of our identity and support the sustainability of our social activities.

No Profit Challenge

No Profit Challenge is an ambitious project, financed together with other 30 projects selected among more than 1000 submitted to “Con il sud che partecipa” initiative organized by Fondazione CON IL SUD (Foundation for Southern Italy) in 2017.

Based on a “socially friendly” portal and application for Android, it has the following features:

  • 2 accounts: volunteer and organisation
  • Volunteer comes in contact with nonprofit organisations and find out where to possibly offer their help on the basis of common interests
  • The organisation publishes its “application for help” and the user chooses to participate by receiving an automatic matching notification
  • Once the activities are completed, organisation and volunteer give mutual feedback to measure the impact of the initiative and certify the skills developed in the volunteers who took part
  • When a feedback has been received, the volunteer’s account updates with a history of all accumulated experiences, filterable by location, industry and skills developed
  • The system automatically produces rankings of the “most active” volunteers and organisations and analytics useful to measure the social impact of the organisations

The goals are:

  • Increase the visibility of ONPs and Volunteers and spread volunteering opportunities
  • Making volunteering accessible and appealing especially among young people, so as to encourage their participation
  • Encourage the process of recognition of Youth and Social Worker figures through a system of verification and certification of acquired skills

Giosef Academy

The Academy is where we put 20 years of experiences in high level training

Giosef Italy has 20 years of experience in education and international mobility. In our history, we mainly focused on youth from 18 to 35 years old.

For our 20th anniversary, we decided to launch a new project: Giosef Academy is a service thought for all target of individuals willing to increase their knowledge and competences to deal with the new challenges of the labor market and educational institutions (such as schools, vocational institutes and universities).

We have prepared intensive training course packages in beautiful locations to allow people working with youth to take a constructive break and come back home with new tools to enhance their productivity and impact on their students and colleagues.

All our trainings last 5 days and are ran by professional trainers from all over Europe. We provide all materials needed in a full-equipped space, you just need to bring yourself and your motivation to learn!

Upon request, we can provide also food and accommodation and help with planning your trip to the training location.

In case of groups of 7 or more people, we can also negotiate new locations, specific trainings and working language.

Hostel il Paguro

Hostel “Il Paguro”

The province of Caserta and Campania face daily the difficulties of living in a territory where the roots of the Camorra problem are settled in the minds of many citizens, that “Camorra culture” made of dysfunctional models, transmitted from generation to generation, which they proved to be consolidated and “winning”. Our project intends to subvert the concept of a laboratory territory of illegality and malfeasance by proposing a space where an active citizenship factory can be created.

Il Paguro is a youth hospitality and gathering center that rises in Casapesenna (Caserta) in an asset confiscated from organized crime.

The structure consists of 24 beds (bunk beds), divided as follows:

1st floor: n.2 rooms with 6 beds (each), n.1 room with 4 beds

2nd floor: 2 rooms with 4 beds (each)

All rooms are equipped with complete bed linen.

On the ground floor there is a room for carrying out the activities of about 70 square meters where to carry out workshops and trainings, in addition to the full kitchen with oven, kitchen equipment and washing systems.

On each floor there are hot showers, toilets and washbasins, a common area with seating, tables and wi-fi coverage, telephone services and PC.

On each floor there are hot showers, toilets and washbasins, a common area with seating, tables and wi-fi coverage, telephone services and PC.