Giosef @ Palermo | Creating a Cross-Cultural Impact!


 Giosef Italy has received the Quality Label as the Lead Organization for the European Solidarity Corps program with the code 2022-1-IT03-ESC50-QLA-000091647 from the Italian Youth Agency.

 Selected volunteers will carry out their activities for a period of 10 months starting from October 2023.

 The project involves collaboration, through volunteer activities, with social organizations in the territory of the Municipality of Palermo.

Project Activities

Within the framework of our project, volunteers will play a fundamental role within our team at GIOSEF ITALY. They will be at the forefront of various communication and marketing activities for the third sector, actively contributing to the growth of their skills in fields such as communication, marketing, radio production, audio technology, public speaking, and DJing. Through these experiences, they will have the opportunity to promote social causes and support the empowerment of young people.

Activities with Partners:

In addition to internal activities at GIOSEF ITALY, volunteers will also have the opportunity to engage in activities hosted by our project partners. These activities include:

Centro Penc

  • Supporting WGSS activities. Facilitating access to knowledge, skills, and services.
  • Supporting social networking for women and adolescents at the WGSS center.
  • Providing support for online and offline communication for Centro Penc and WGSS.

Polo Sociale Integrato

  • Understanding the challenges and dynamics of migrants in the Italian context.
  • Acquiring practical skills in supporting migrants.
  • Developing skills in creating communication products to disseminate the results of Polo Sociale Integrato and GIOSEF ITALY.
  • Participating in additional communication initiatives to spread the project’s mission and results.

Ballarò Vipers

  • Support sports activities in the mini-basketball project at Lombardo Radice School in Palermo, within the Ballarò neighborhood.
  • Assist in logistics and the management of activities with children.
  • Aid in the communication activities of the Ballarò Vipers mini-basketball project at Lombardo Radice School in Palermo, within the Ballarò neighborhood.

EPYC European Palermo Youth Center

  • Supporting the center’s communication efforts.
  • Organizing playful-educational activities on art, foreign languages, and social environmental issues.
    Promoting cultural exchange and intercultural understanding.
  • Being creative, empathetic, inclined to listen to others, open to cultures, and having a worldview without borders.

The training plan for the following months will be adapted based on emerging needs and specific objectives established in collaboration with partners. The main goal will always be to maximize the positive impact of volunteers and ensure a meaningful learning experience.




October 2023 – August 2024


Palermo, Sicily


Youth worker, young people

Type of founding:

European Solidarity Corps (ESC)


PAULA GARCIA - Giosef @ Palermo | Creating a Cross-Cultural Impact!
BORJA CORTES - Giosef @ Palermo | Creating a Cross-Cultural Impact!
MARINA - Giosef @ Palermo | Creating a Cross-Cultural Impact!


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