Eule – Europaisch Lerner

A VET learners project in the social field. Aim to cooperate with the sending organization to create an adequate learning/training programme, including objectives and expected outcomes; assign tasks and responsibilities to match participants knowledge, skills and objectives; provide the participants with work based learning programmes, training and/or courses, including language courses; provide the participants with adequate certificate to recognize the acquired competences; monitor participants training and progress; organize the logistical support, including accommodation, transports and cover all the practical aspects of the stay; organize socio-cultural activities; support participants during their stay to ensure integration; collaborate with the sending organization to evaluate the project and its outcomes



June 2015 / September 2016




Young individuals

Type of Funding:

 Erasmus + KA1: Mobility Project for VET Learners and Staff


Akademie Überlingen (Germany), Associazione Giosef Giovani Senza Frontiere (Italy)