Focus On

The main aim of the project “Focus On”  is to promote the young people active citizenship and to foster their European citizenship trough the structured dialogue with decision makers. The topic analyzed in order to find possible solutions together is the youth unemployment. The process will have a bottom-up structure and will start from 8 local “European coffee” to lend to a 3 days national meeting in Rome. The “European coffee” are workshops of structured dialogue on the topic chosen, facilitated trough non-formal methods in order to find some conclusions about the youth unemployment (it means find some strategies at political and social level about how to solve it). These “European coffee” will take place for 3 months in 8 different cities Torino, Avellino, Caserta, Castrovillari (CS), Enna, Palermo, Palazzolo Acreide, Roma and it will involve at least 200 people (young people and policy makers). The conclusions from the 8 cities will be summarized in a “background document” from a steering committee and it will be the ground document from which the “meeting Focus on” in February in Rome will start. 67 people, young people and decision makers who will represent the 8 cities, will meet to find proposals to orientate new political strategies at all levels (local, regional and national) in the field of youth unemployment. The result will be the final document of proposals and a booklet of good practices to spread. This Project want to be the 1st step of a continuous structured dialogue between young people and decision makers, exploring – in a long term prospective – different topics (both at national and European level) time by time important and aimed to foster the youth mainstreaming. The project will takes 8 months and it will be supported and showed in its steps by different visibility strategies and in particular by a web site and social networks.



January 2013 / December 2014




 youth individuals, policy maker, local community

Type of funding:

Youth In Action


Associazione Giosef Giovani Senza Frontiere (Italia)