mafia kills the man of the state word by Giovanni Falcone

Mafia kills the man of the state that have been abandoned and left by themself

To fully explain the meaning of this sentence we will borrow the words of judge Giovanni Falcone, contained in the book “Cose di cosa nostra”.

“I believe that the Cosa Nostra is involved in all the important events of Sicilian life, starting with the Allied landing in Sicily during the Second World War and going through the appointment of mafia mayors after the Liberation.

Nothing is deemed innocent in Sicily, neither to visit the director of a bank to ask for a perfectly legitimate loan, nor an altercation between deputies nor an ideological conflict within a party. The conditioning of the Sicilian environment, the global atmosphere have great relevance in political crimes: certain declarations, certain behaviors are used to identify the future victims without them even realizing it.
You usually die because you are alone or because you have entered a game too big. People often die because they do not have the necessary alliances, because they lack support. In Sicily the mafia hits the servants of the state that the state has not been able to protect “

Together with the ESC volunteers of Apice – Agenzia di Promozione Integrata per i cittadini in Europa who live in our hostel Il Paguro in the past months, we have organized a serie of training meetings on the subject of legality. At the end of these meetings we decided to create a social campaign to present the knowledge we gain. So we made the campaign both in English and in Turkish, to spread our message to all the people around the world.

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