SoundbeatsTime: Youth Exchange in Casapesenna in September 2022

From 4 to 11 September 2022, it took place the Italian part of the Youth Exchange of the Soundbeats Time project, in which we are partners with Yellow Shirts and IREA, two Romanian social promotion associations.

Giosef Italy hosted the young participants from Romania, at the Paguro Hostel, the small house for young Europeans in Casapesenna, a property confiscated from the Casalesi clan that Giovani Senza Frontiere manages in the province of Caserta. The Paguro is a hostel equipped with every comfort, an ideal place to stay for groups of young people like this, that between shared rooms and common spaces inside and outside, it can proportionate a small community and an exchange of precious moments of training and leisure.

The training was attended by young people selected by the State High School “E. G. Segrè” – San Cipriano d’Aversa, organized in detail by the team of youth workers of Giosef Italy, and had as a common point the world of music. The primary aim of the project was to provide young people with the necessary skills to obtain financial benefits from the cultural sector, in particular music, through a platform that can offer various courses, materials, interviews, forums, discussions with experts, and much more.

The activities were carried out at the premises of the “twin” good to our, ArtEspressa Caffè Letterario, which made available the spaces of its multifunctional center in the perspective of networking, collaborating and common growth. The activities were conducted with different non-formal education strategies, in order to create as dynamic, interdisciplinary and diverse a group of young people as possible.

We did not even miss a trip to the capital of Campania, and among the streets of multicultural and colorful Naples young people looked for inspiration for the musical creations they made in the following days.

The most creative moment of the youth exchange was the recording phase of a collection of songs that will be published on all project channels in the coming weeks and that we hope will be just the first step of these young and talented artists. In the coming days we will also share a podcast entirely self-produced, featuring young Italian participants that was made with the valuable support of the media partners of Giosef: the independent web/tv radio Bedda Radio.

The next part of the SoundbeatsTime project takes place in Romania, and we can’t wait to show you moments, stories and musical productions to get your opinion on all the work.