DiaLOG IN Youth Work

“DiaLOG IN Youth Work” is a Youth Dialogue project on the topic of social, economic and political recognition of Youth Work and Non-formal Education in Italy.

Youth Work has been practiced in Italy for decades but its regulatory definition suffers from a vacuum that prevents the entire sector and professionals working there from obtaining that recognition, social, economic and political, which allows the establishment of a guaranteed standard of quality, a clear professionalising path and an implementation strategy fully inserted in the framework of youth policies in Italy.

The objectives of the project are:

support the recognition process of Youth Work in Italy and the relative need for an integrated public policy in this regard, starting from the long tradition already consolidated in the field of youth animation; support the processes of recognition of the figure of the Youth Worker in Italy, in line with the current European recommendations; contribute to the recognition of the validity of non-formal education in the educational process of young people and as a fundamental educational methodology in Youth Work Seven 2-day Territorial Dialogue events will be held, respectively in Sicily, Calabria, Puglia, Campania, Tuscany, Lazio and Piemonte, with the involvement of 30 participants per region, 15 young people and 15 youth workers, at least one Decision maker and an Expert and 2 local partner organizations. After the Territorial Dialogues, a 2-day National Dialogue will be held in Rome, with the participation of 28 participants, 4 delegates from each regional area, all local decision-makers and Exerts already involved at a territorial level, the reference persons of the partner organizations and the national decision-makers .

All the activities will be carried out using methods that are specific to non-formal education.

With this project we expect to get:

7 Territorial Recommendations, presented to Local Decision Makers and implemented by them;

1 National Recommendation, presented to and approved by National Decision Makers; the consolidation of connections among all Italian stakeholders operating in Youth Work and Non-formal Education; the creation of new forms and ways of working in a coordinated way in Italy among youth work and non-formal education professionals.

Following the 3rd European convention on youth work, which took place in
December 2020, it was decided to adopt the final declaration of the convention as a blueprint for the local dialogues for the creation of the national recommendation, together with the 7 macro themes that were defined during the meeting. The following recommendations are the result of such a journey.