The project “SoundBeatsTime- SBT” is to be implemented by Yellow Shirts Association (Romania) in partnership with Associazione Giosef – Giovani Senza Frontiere (Italy) and Institutul Roman de Educatie a Adultilor (Romania) and takes place between March 2021-June 2023.

The main purpose of the SBTproject is to equip the youth with the needed competences in obtaining financial benefits from the cultural sector, in particular from music, through a platform that can offer various courses, materials, interviews, forums, discussions with experts, or even contributing with their own expertise.

The context of this project is based on the need of the cultural sector of having developed online tools and platforms were to do their work when physical activities were no longer possible, as happened with the Covid-19 pandemic. The world was caught by surprise and was not ready to work and activate fully digital for 1-2 months. Looking deeper in the music field, Covid-19 has created the “ideal” time for enrolling into courses of specialization, researching, reading and self-development. However, on a brief search on music courses, the results were rather low in numbers and a big part of those were costly. The young musicians had now time, but rather limited access to information due to finances.



  1. To increase the organisational capacity, strengthen this network and equip the consortium’s youth workers with tools and methodologies within the project’s topics (music production, online promotion and entrepreneurship), during the project’s lifetime
  2. To elaborate and maintain functional a platform with courses and information about music, online promotion and entrepreneurship, for a period of at least 5 years
  3. To train 20 youngsters from Romania, and Italy regarding music production, online promotion and entrepreneurship, in order to support their integration to the cultural sector labour market



  • Online approaches and methodologies for working with youth
  • Massive Open Online Courses on Music production
  • Massive Open Online Courses on Online promotion
  • Massive Open Online Courses on Entrepreneurship and creative entrepreneurship
  • Guide to support NGOs in increasing the organisational capacity
  • Music hub platform
  • Disc compilation of youth musical creations


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March 2021 / June 2023


Italia, Romania


youth workers, ONG, youth, mainly from Italy and Romania, interested in producing music as a source of income, but who lack sufficient knowledge in it

Type of funding:

ERASMUS+ PROJECT NO. : 2020-1-RO0 1-KA227-YOU-095777


Yellow Shirts Association (Romania) Associazione Giosef – Giovani Senza Frontiere (Italy) e Institutul Roman de Educatie a Adultilor (Romania)