mafie e social media


Mafias & Social Media: interview with Davide Bennato with VIDEO

For the round “Mafie & Social Media” we interviewed Professor Davide Bennato who teaches at the University of Catania (DISUM Department of Humanities) Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes, Sociology of Digital Media and Digital Sociology since the Academic Year 2020/2021.
His field of research relates to the study of digital media consumption behaviour, forms of social relations on the internet and technologically mediated collective behaviour.

mafie e social media come cambia la comunicazione delle mafie

Mafias & Social Media: Mafia communication in times of social networks

Mafie & Social Media: mafia communication at the time of social networks is the latest communication campaign by Giosef Italy.
With the support of the Foundation legality project ONLUS in memory of Paolo Borsellino and all the other mafia victims – an initiative of the National Association of Magistrates of Palermo -we have created a series of video interviews, whose central theme is the evolution of mafia communication in the age of social media.